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B.J. In Sixth Grade
News From Planet B.J....
Had a fabulous time in Miami at the
2018 SCBWI Conference!
Workshops, networking, critiques,
and the best company...here I am
with the one and only Lee Bennett
Hopkins (officially the sweetest
man on earth).
Signing my contract for
my upcoming picture book,
"There Was an Old Gator
Who Swallowed a Moth",
from Pelican Publishing!
I visited Pinecrest Elementary
School in Lithia as part of the
Great American Teach-In. The
kids were great, and some of
them are certainly budding
poets. It was wonderful to
offer a little inspiration and
have fun together.
My poem, "We Nail It" has been
accepted into Lee Bennett
Hopkins' upcoming anthology,
Wordsong. Pub date TBD. Thank
you, Lee!
My poem, "A Streetcar Named
Happily Ever After," which
originally appeared in Illumen,
has been nominated for The
Rhysling Award, my 7th
Rhysling Nomination. Maybe
the 7th time's a charm!
My poem, "Sea Glass,"
published in ORBIT (The
School Magazine), February,
2018. Wonderful illustration by
Gaye Chapman.
I'm very honored that my poem,
"Moored" will appear on a memorial
in Bannerman Park, St. John's,
Newfoundland. The memorial is for a
young woman named Camille who died
at the young age of 21 and loved
sailing. The memorial will either be an
engraved plaque or a sculpture by
renowned sculptor, Luben Boykov.
Either way, I am tremendously
honored that they choose "Moored"
to honor Camille!
My poem, "Roseate Spoonbill," is included in an article on these colorful birds in the Savannah Morning News,
February 27, 2018